April 11, 2011

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“Belano, I said, the heart of the matter is knowing whether evil (or sin or crime or whatever you want to call it) is random or purposeful. If it’s purposeful, we can fight it, it’s hard to defeat, but we have a chance, like two boxers in the same weight class, more or less. If it’s random, on the other hand, we’re fucked, and we’ll just have to hope that God, if He exists, has mercy on us. And that’s what it all comes down to.”

-Abel RomeroThe Savage Detectives, 420.


April 10, 2011

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The Savage Detectives, page 308.

Stream of consciousness narration frustrates me. At the end of every chapter I feel the need to put down the book, in order to give myself the time I need to separate my consciousness from the last person before moving on to the next.

I always wonder, which way is it that the author would want? Does he/she want me to struggle against the tide of humanity, lapping at my subjectivity’s shore? Or should I brace myself and keep reading, so that this one becomes the next and the next becomes them all.