December 30, 2010

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A man lay, broken, in the middle of a street.

A woman, perhaps the man’s companion , perhaps his assailant, or perhaps just a ghost, sat crouched over him, lost in thought. Time passed.

At last, the woman lowered her head, listened, then straightened. She gripped the man’s arm and, with great effort, drug the heavy body to the curb. She propped the man up on the bottom half of no parking sign.The thin metal edge dug painfully into his spine.

“I didn’t have a choice, you know. None of us do.”

The woman’s words echoed in the deserted street. Soulless cast-iron buildings loomed gigantically over the man’s body, nodding appreciatively at the man’s imminent end.

“It’s just the way it is,” the woman continued. “We’re all a part of it, even if we don’t want to be. And you doomed us all.”

The woman looked to the man, as if expecting some sort of response, but all the man could do was wheeze. His ribs were broken. A punctured lung began its measured collapse.

“We made it so far. We’ve gone through so much. Damn it! We’ve worked too hard to have it end this way!”

The woman turned her head angrily and spat, as if by spitting she could rid herself of the humanity that had prevented her from saying earlier what she was now about to say.

“…But there’s no other way.”

The woman raised the gun, slowly, with purpose. The man wheezed something imperceptible between his breaths. The monstrous buildings around him crept forward, expectant. For a moment the woman’s contemplative mood returned, flickered, and then fled. Its passage mirrored that of the man’s life.

In time, the woman would look down and sigh. All of this, for one inadvertent little slip. It all seemed so trivial. But she was right. She didn’t have a choice. There was no other way.

With a practiced grace, the woman brought the gun up and held it pointed at her head. Calmly, coldly, she announced, to no one in particular,

“I just lost The Game.”

The street echoed once more.


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  1. tkd00d said,

    As long as you don’t think about the game you never lose. Pretty severe reaction to having lost though.

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