August 9, 2010

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Whenever I’m speaking English and have to switch to Spanish I always feel like the mental switch is me going Super Saiyan.

(It takes three episodes for me to power up, and an entire season for my conversation to end.)


August 2, 2010

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I hate how repressed/constrained/fake my brother is and how paralyzing that is for his psyche.

I hate how lonely I am here and in Iowa.

I hate how I still don’t have a job.

I hate the mindless ennui that comes with having so many plans yet managing to disappoint every single one of them.

I hate how soulless I am sometimes and how many things that I should know that I don’t.

I hate how every member of my family has recently gone through my open door unasked, looked at me, peered around my computer screen to see what I’m doing, looked back at me, and then walked out, and though that everything that they just did was unconditionally and irrevocably okay. IT’S CALLED PRIVACY OASKDJFALKSJRGOIAJSDLKFJASLDKGJAOIJFSLD

I love how, a few days ago, my parents and I finally talked through parts of their marriage that my mom has felt too powerless to articulate to her husband for the past 40 years.