September 20, 2009

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:41 am by Iain

I need to go out and buy me some literature.

I also need to come home with said literature, restrain myself from removing the stickers on the back flap of the dust cover because who wants to read a book with its back flap covered in partially removed adhesive nobody that’s who because that shit’s fucking annoying, and finally, I need to sit down in my reading chair and read.

I need to do this because one, I haven’t read a good book since the summer, and two, everybody says this during the school year and I constitute a part of that everyone. Furthermore, I’ve never actually gone to a book store with an idea or concept that I want to read about. It seems so weird (and pathetic), but I’ve always thought that I had to have a specific book in mind to be at a book store. It wasn’t until talking with bosom buddy Paul Taylor that I recognized this. (I would recommend everyone talk to bosom buddy Paul Taylor. He is the best.)

But that was the old me! Now I have a blog, and metacognition, and friends that force me to not be so pathetic! Here is a list about what I was just talking about!:

Cultural histories: the piano and its association with artistic genius, the history of the streetlight and its gender-based implications, the history of the lawn + Cold War American culture. I also have “the social construction of winter,” written down in my history notepad, but I don’t know what that means anymore.

Nelson Mandela’s work and his opinion on race. Racism is grotesque. Seeing it so often goads me on to learn as much as I can to prevent it from happening.

A history of satire up to the present day (Jon Stewart, South park, etc). Mainly the historical foundations/conditions that necessitates it, or the cultural thrust that modern satire is a part of.

The cult of rationality, and its subsequent inability to recognize moral absolutes (e.g.  the depravity of WWII, the existence of universal love/brotherhood).

Steinbeck short stories. If I was a man that was capable of having a favorite anything, Cannery Row would probably be one of those things.

Postmodernity. It’s interesting shut up.

Omnivore’s Dilemma. Caleb White recommended this. Not the book, the individual. Also I’m interested in this, furthermore!!:

The Ultimate Resource. When the environment became a big deal, this was the conservative-ish rejoinder. Basically, “yeah so what our resources are waning. We aren’t living on our resources, we’re living on the fruits of our ingenuity. After all, who gave those resources value?” Very interesting. I would advise a certain capstone class to include this in its syllabus.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Googled: The End of the World As We Know it

This is organic like the Constitution!


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