September 23, 2009

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My professors kept telling me to lose my pride. “How are you going to be successful with so much self respect? I mean, what are you even doing with so much self respect in the first place? Besides, the best historians are the ones who know how to kiss ass. You’re never going to get anywhere in life if you don’t learn how to kiss ass. Why not do it, I mean, everyone else has to, it’s the centerpiece of modern notions of work and success. Do it. Do it. Dooooooo it.”

No thanks sirs, I don’t do the dope.


September 20, 2009

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I need to go out and buy me some literature.

I also need to come home with said literature, restrain myself from removing the stickers on the back flap of the dust cover because who wants to read a book with its back flap covered in partially removed adhesive nobody that’s who because that shit’s fucking annoying, and finally, I need to sit down in my reading chair and read.

I need to do this because one, I haven’t read a good book since the summer, and two, everybody says this during the school year and I constitute a part of that everyone. Furthermore, I’ve never actually gone to a book store with an idea or concept that I want to read about. It seems so weird (and pathetic), but I’ve always thought that I had to have a specific book in mind to be at a book store. It wasn’t until talking with bosom buddy Paul Taylor that I recognized this. (I would recommend everyone talk to bosom buddy Paul Taylor. He is the best.)

But that was the old me! Now I have a blog, and metacognition, and friends that force me to not be so pathetic! Here is a list about what I was just talking about!:

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September 19, 2009

Master Clue:

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Iain Wilson was the type of man that always looked at his shoes while he walked.