August 3, 2009

The Centennial State

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-From the proceedings of the journal of I.M. Wilson, Esquire. A white, male, upper-middle class brain-worker, Wilson studies at a small university nestled  in the center of Cedar Falls, Iowa. As of this journal, he is 22.

July 16th, 1909

Superb news! After much deliberation, my comrades and I have at last made good on our collective proposition to journey to the mountain passes of Colorado! Long have we planned our expedition, yearning blindly for the rugged Colorado landscape to forge upon our bodies the knowledge of the sweat, grime and striated musculature of frontier industry. We shall return changed men.

And though Frederick Turner may deem our imagined frontier closed, I for one find his admonishments wholly and entirely false (although not without good reason of course). For I have on good authority that, in the wilds of Colorado, there still yet remain peaks to be graced by upright human form! My good friend Benjamin has assured me that this is entirely true, as the native Indians of the area, noble as they are, have long feared the high mountain aeries that proliferate.

Nevertheless, our decision to embark upon our very own “errand into the wilderness” could not have come at a more propitious time. Just a few weeks hence I had found that my eyes were exhibiting the signs of a gradual deterioration, falling victim to some sort of temporary myopia, likely caused by my assiduous work at the university. Owing to these early signs of ocular mischief,  I conveyed my worries to my personal physician post haste, for I was most anxious to resume my studies.

As is always the case, Arnold immediately discovered the irritant, finding that I had contracted some sort of bizarre stress-related neurosis (a sort that, dare I say, seems to be swiftly overcoming our humble Cedar Falls of late) of which only a strict regimen of physics could stymie. However, he further counseled me that ‘till I sought respite in the cleansing busom of Mother Nature, the physics could merely prevent any further damage.

Although my greatest fears have been confirmed, I have found that after my appointment something almost…primal seems to have awakened deep inside me. The rarefied mountain majesties of Colorado beckon me at every turn, and upon the wings of every dove I taste the hearty mountain air that I so desperately desire. The very thought of Colorado threatens to completely overcome me.

Signed, I.M. Wilson


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