July 26, 2009

Narcissus’s return

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:09 pm by Iain

Sometimes I wonder, did Sartre, Camus and their fellow existentialists ever stop to think about what life would be like if the whole world followed their collective example? How would anything get done? And how would discussions ever become resolved in any meaningful way? And if they did stop to think about what life would be like, and the ramifications that it could cause, how did it feel to be so unimaginably, and so incontrovertibly brilliant?

Chuck, high-ranking corporate executive: “Based on my life experiences, which, being my life experiences are therefore what make up my worldview and therefore the entirety of existence, I believe that Mondays, not Wednesdays as is currently practiced, should be ‘Casual Day,’ due in great part to Monday being far more favorably located.”

Herb, mail-room employee: “I disagree!”

Chuck: “On what grounds?”

Herb: “Well mostly just my life experiences and therefore the fundamental fabric of existence itself.”

The room: (appreciative murmuring)

A bit of a self-serving philosophy, that existentialism.


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