July 8, 2009

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:01 pm by Iain

You are now looking at (reading about?) the proud owner of a Steep-and-Cheap facilitated, student loan-funded, zero-degree sleeping bag!

Through this critical piece of camping paraphernalia, I have taken one more step towards fully becoming “that climbing/outdoors-type guy.” Independent, no-nonsense, and bristling with both muscles and hair follicles, I will soon be able to handily surmount every hardship that Mother Nature sees fit to throw at me.

Unfortunately for me, however, at the moment I only possess three of those most estimable of traits, and thus am at the mercy of Nature’s caprice. For prior to being able to grow a hearty mountain-mane, I will never truly be masculine enough to be included in the bearded pantheon of such men as Thoreau, Muir, or Sam Braband. Such men would scoff at my fruitless attempts toward pilosity.

Nevertheless, I eagerly await my deliverance from this insipid, clean-shaven existence of checked licenses and lack of respect, of doting Grandmothers and unbroken choruses of “you’ll be glad when you’re older.” It make take months, probably years, but eventually I will join the hallowed ranks of my unshaven peers.

But until then, you’ll know where to find me.

(It's my happy place)


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