June 29, 2009

2008/2009, I barely knew thee

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:23 am by Iain

I have just one year of college life left. One final year for the appellation of “senior” to designate me as being a student somewhere between the ages 21 and 25, before I am at last devoured by the timeless abyss of “grad student.” One last year for me to find some sort of sign of progress or closure; some way to say, “Despite all your misapprehensions and your apologetics…Iain, it’s been worth it.”

And all histrionics aside, it has been worth it. But that hasn’t prevented me from becoming privy to a variety of urges a la mid-life crisis to prove my college life’s relative worth. Of these there is one urge in particular that has stood out, far above the petty misdemeanors of the rest. However, unlike most urges, this urge isn’t  particularly dangerous or forbidden, much less sordid than it is catastrophically boring.

For I have become obsessed with the pervasive urge to list out my accomplishments, in full resume format, to every person unlucky enough to engage me in conversation. Yet each time, as I launch myself into a lengthy recitation of all my progress-born anxieties, alphabetized for clarity and indented accordingly, sometimes I wonder, why? What could propel me so forcefully to detail the minutaie of my life to complete strangers? For that question at least, I have an answer. As it’s just about that time of the year where every blogger gets to write their obligatory yearly recap post! So join me won’t you, as I distill my life into 10-12 significant events!


Beat Starfox 64 on Expert mode Became moderately good at rock climbing Became lactose intolerant Continued dating this one really cute girl I know (2.5 years!) Discovered my alternate life as an amateur chef/baker Embraced the thoughtful gift-giving aspect of a consumptive Christmas Found a six-leaf clover Rediscovered and then subsequently lost my passion for: chess, tennis, racquetball, writing, frisbee (found again), and cheap wines Resumed my crippling DDR addiction: personal best of a D on Horatio (watch out Torin) Saw Mt. Rushmore Solidified my place as a leech on the underbelly of society through $5 desks, $25 sofas, and various other garage sale trinkets Took two grad classes under the nose of our venerable department head Visited, but saw nothing more than suburbs and frisbee players in the following cities: Cleveland, Baton Rouge, Springfield MO, Chicago, Tulsa And last but not least: continued my specialization into the history program one step further, thereby rendering me utterly socially inadequate in any non-history setting THE END


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