June 16, 2008

Future tense

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People ask me all the time, “Iain, what’re you going to do with a degree in history?”  Now people don’t really ask me this all the time, but if they ever start, I have this post to sate their question asking needs.

Currently I’m planning on finishing out my undergrad, and then most likely applying directly for a masters and/or Ph.D. program. It lacks the spur of the moment flair of my brother’s life choices, but I think in the long run it’ll be  more rewarding.

This last semester I started what I’m hoping will be my main research project and thus stepping stone into grad school; that being trash and cultural attitudes toward consumption in the postwar era.

Ha ha, yes. I’m researching trash.

Following in the hallowed footsteps of my father, I too will acquire some sort of darling moniker. Iain Wilson: Trash Historian in bold letters on all my letterheads (Dr. Detritus around the office). My very presence will create such an earth-shattering explosion of puns that geologists will be able to register my movements on the Richter scale. Thesauruses will be dead to me.

Yet in some incomprehensible and most likely deeply revealing way, history research gives me validation. I constantly second-guess myself on whether I made the right choice to come/stay at UNI, going into the correct major, leading the ultimate team properly; I’m too middle class for my own good. Making new history though, it just makes me excited. How cool is that , to be able to construct a new historical discourse never before explored in contemporary history. I’ve already begun to craft my legacy. I won’t need a tombstone to mark my grave, mourners will just follow my work in historical journals to pay their respects.

Any questions?


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  1. Getting a third degree….

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